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Passion for Games

A talented and focused group of individuals set for world domination, developing and providing memorable experiences along the way.

MGP Studios


Are you ready to embark on a journey in a unique cyberpunk setting?
Planned out as a trilogy, experience the first episode also known as the Reveal, which will be followed by Revolution and Revelations accordingly.
The world as we know it has come to an end and a New Order has taken over. Life is seemingly perfect, in an almost utopian society humans have to officialy schedule their whole days in advance via "ports"-mandatory cybernetic implants. There is practically no crime and large corporations-who also happen to be port manufacturers-have replaced governments. The hero is about to start a regular day only for it to unfold in the most unexpected manner, revealing the true nature of the city.

Enter Sinless,

  • -an original storyline within a unique lore
  • -visit various parts of the city, each with their own distinct highlights and features
  • -fitting dynamic Original Soundtrack
  • -encounter and interact with the colourful cast of characters
  • -highly detailed and animated graphics
  • -exciting minigames waiting to be played
  • -and of course don't forget to install your daily scheduled progs

stay safe

  • Sinless

  • Starbreeze Heights

  • Woopie Mart

  • Moderators

  • ME4U


Enter the world of Roll'd where rolling comes in at a new degree.
Try and best you record with each game but remember about the twist, for you do not control the hero...
...you control the track. Keep it steady and beat your record with every new game. The higher your score the faster you levelup and unlock the next level.
Run through the varying settings all specifically stylised with references and inspirations ranging from the CGA era, through 8-16bit NES/SNES to the golden ages of the Amiga and more. But at the same time they are all up to date with modern lighting effects, dynamic weather and some other cool visual treats.
Leaderboards are ready to go so to best your fellow man you can always check who has been the top Roller. But be wary though, Roll'd can and will be unforgiving and reaching that extra point with each game will prove to be a demanding yet exciting task.


  • -A unique twist on a classic genre
  • -3 selectible control schemes: touch, slide or tilt
  • -addictive gameplay
  • -leaderboards
  • -varying and beautiful graphical settings and animations
  • -engaging Original Soundtrack
  • -varying weather, atmospheric effects and day cycle
  • -rich post effects going hand in hand with the visuals and audio

See you rolling!

Sand is the Soul

You arrived at the Frontier, the border between familiar Lands and the neighbouring autonomy of CrossHill. You haven been entrusted with a depeche of utmost importance, that must be delivered to the local authorities with haste!
Your actions and choices will define your story and tale...
Sand is the Soul is a mix of RPG and side scrolling beatemup, set in a brooding, Victorian post punk lore. It will feature a branching storyline, unique moral system and a fitting audiovisual presentation that sets the mood.


  • -branching storyline
  • -multiple combat styles
  • -unique moral system: actions have consequences
  • -a unique lore mixing Victiorian, Baroque and Punk styles
  • -many routes to achieve your goal
  • -engaging Original Soundtrack
  • -multiple outcomes and endings
  • -no hand holding to the extreme

Our Team

These wonderful people make work enjoyable.

Michael Neugarten


Paweł Nożykowski

Lead Programmer

Grzegorz Jurczuk



Business Developer

Our small and humble team will reveal upcoming projects soon. Stay tuned.

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